New Releases from Inglestone Publishing

A Mouse in the Sugar Bowl by Marsha Kidd Hanson
Inglestone Publishing announces the release of A Mouse in the Sugar Bowl by Marsha Kidd Hanson, an exciting, delightfully illustrated children’s book. Parents will find this book will soon be their child’s favorite and grandparents, too, will find their grandchildren will love having this book read to them over and over again. They’ll love looking for the mouse and seeing the chase in the old woman’s bakery. $18.95. Available for shipping today! Order below.


The Secrets of Survival Recipes by Danell Tarwater
The Secrets of Survival Recipes is much more than a typical recipe book. You’ll find over 600 recipes – from traditional favorites to helpful emergency foods – as well as countless cooking tips and more. Here, you can find everything you need to feed your family in the healthiest way possible so they can thrive now, along with recipes you can use to survive in emergency situations.

You’ll find:

  • Main dishes, desserts and other recipes using grains, including how to extract gluten
  • Quick mix section to save food-preparation time
  • Directions for making your favorite comfort foods
  • How to make jerky and other dried foods
  • Cheese-making instructions
  • Tips for preparing emergency baby food and pet foods
  • Instructions for cooking wild game and variety meats
  • Seasonings from many ethnic groups
  • Directions for making everything from scratch that you now buy
  • All the information you need to make your favorite foods from basic storage items

The Secrets of Survival Recipes is part of the S.O.S. Series by Danell Tarwater. The series also includes The Secrets of Survival Handbook and The Secrets of Survival First Aid and Home Care Manual – coming soon! Together, the series provides a complete set of useful information and tools you need to thrive now and, more importantly, to prepare for and to survive any kind of an emergency or natural disaster.

This is a “must have” recipe book, as well as reference guide, to be used daily and also in times of difficulty … It will be well used at my house! ~ Suzanne Siders, Arizona Preparedness Group